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StreetHeat® SR-120, SR-60 and SR-28 Pavement Heaters

StreetHeat® Series of true infrared heating equipment is designed specifically for the reheat imprinting process using our StreetHeat® templates and boasts superior levels of production, user-friendliness and safety.

StreetHeat® asphalt infrared pavement heaters have a unique reciprocating heating process that allows for real-time monitoring of the asphalt conditions.

It is very easy to burn, damage or scorch asphalt while using other heaters.  For example, intense heat of blue flame over smaller heating area may cause the asphalt to burn and deterioration of the asphalt surface. The benefits of StreetHeat’s infrared heating technology is the even distribution of heat over large areas that gently heat the asphalt surface. StreetHeat® heaters use infrared heating grills and precisely tuned reciprocating cycles to uniformly soak the heat into the asphalt.

The reheat process is a great way to enhance StreetHeat® quality and flexibility to separate the paving and imprinting processes. Paving can now be done in advance by your own paving crews or sub-contracted out to others.  In addition, existing high quality pavements up to 5 years old may also be imprinted, dramatically increasing StreetHeat® market potential.  Click here to view more details and pricing on StreetHeat® infrared asphalt heaters or download StreetHeat™ catalog.

See the Application & Uses section of our website for more information on using StreetHeat® heaters for Thermoplastics and asphalt repair. Watch video StreetHeat® for Thermoplastics.