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Genuine Stamped Asphalt

Established in 1992 Integrated Paving Concepts has been the industry leader in decorative stamped asphalt and patterned paving products. Manufacturers of StreetPrint® asphalt wire rope stamping templates, StreetHeat - asphalt infrared heater equipment, tooling and asphalt coating sprayers.

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StreetPrint® and StreetHeat®

StreetPrint is the ability to create an impression into the asphalt surface using a combination of heat, a wire rope stamping template, and a plate compactor. This can be achieved by working behind a paver or reheating the asphalt with Integrated Paving Concepts patented Infrared StreetHeat® asphalt reheating technology.

StreetPrint® wire rope cable stamping templates for textured, imprinted and Stamped Asphalt.